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Saluting our sisters. Lisa honours her best friend.

Lisa Davis

“Thinking of this year’s Black History Month theme, Saluting our Sisters, my reflections were very personal.” Our fourth BHM blog is an uplifting story of lifelong friendship: two women who began as competitors found unshakeable strength in sisterhood.
Lisa Davis is Chief Executive, Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. (3 mins)→   read more ...

Black History Month. Yandi reflects on black culture’s history and connections

Yandi 3

“Black History Month provides an opportunity to reflect on the diverse and intricate history of black culture which has shaped our society as we see it today. But it’s also a time to celebrate the connections that unite us as a community. “
Yandi is Outreach Generalist Adviser (in training) Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell (3-minute read)→   read more ...

The rising cost of high rents (it’s not all financial)

anna t

“The rising cost of high rents is damaging household finances but also health, security, family life and the economy. With the cost-of-living crisis stretching pockets, high rents going even higher can be the final straw.  ”
Anna Tickle is a Research & Campaigns Volunteer at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. (4 minute read)→   read more ...

Why join our volunteer team? Jane’s new starter for 10!


Demand for independent advice is growing and we need to strengthen the CAEE volunteer team. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider joining us, in the community’s interest and your own.
Jane Sheils is Volunteer Publicity Adviser at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. →   read more ...

Understanding young people and the ‘cozzie livs’.

Anna Tickle
Anna Tickle
Chloe may
Chloe May

For over a year the ‘cost of living crisis’ has dominated in all media. It became so familiar that younger people gave it a nickname, the ‘cozzie livs’. (4-minute read)
Chloe May and Anna Tickle are Research and Campaigns Volunteers at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.→   read more ...

Watchdog’s new duty for banks: ensure good outcomes for customers


Good outcomes for customers – that is now the Financial Conduct Authority’s aim in regulating banks and other service providers. People should expect to be treated well.
Chloe May (pictured) and Anna Tickle are Research and Campaigns Volunteers at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.→   read more ...

Thinking about volunteering? 10 questions you might want to ask

Jane Sheils

At CAEE we depend on dedicated local people who care about their community. Their time, skills and experience are our strength. I hope my answers to these questions are helpful and encourage you to apply.
Jane Sheils is Volunteer Publicity Adviser at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell→   read more ...

Making sure all have online access


The digital age offers so much in education, communication, entertainment, healthcare and more. Unfortunately not everyone is included and without help their quality of life can really suffer.
Alison Kelly is a Volunteer Digital Support Officer at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.
→   read more ...

My first 100 days as Chair – quite a rollercoaster!


I’d done my homework for the interview to be Chair of Citizens Advice Epsom and Ewell. Still, I surprised even myself at how little I knew and how much there was to learn. It’s been quite a rollercoaster! 
Yvette Ball is Chair at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. →   read more ...

Cost of living campaigning at Westminster


National and Local Citizens Advice colleagues last week took their charities’ cost of living campaigning to parliament. Financial distress has grown across the country along with a frightening rise in the cost of living.
Louise Curd is Publicity and Fundraising Manager at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.→   read more ...

International Women’s Day 2023: a powerful global event


“An occasion to highlight achievements and aims that matter to everyone. We’re pleased to support a global event whose ideals the women and men who run our charity are proud to share.”
Lisa Davis is Chief Executive at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.→   read more ...

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