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Brand new film: ‘We are the people’s champion’

‘Brand new’ is the only way to describe the strategy change underway across the Citizens Advice network. At its heart an inspiring 60-second film; ‘We are the people’s champion’.
By Research & Campaigns Team, Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell (3 minutes)

We are the people's

Recently the brilliant Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis described Citizens Advice on national TV as a ‘venerable’ organisation. Martin is a great CA supporter, we know what he means and we were delighted. But ‘venerable’?

In our dictionary ‘venerable’ is commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity. We’ll take that (after all we are 85 this year). But as anyone viewing our new film will quickly see, we really are much much more.

Star client stories
Citizens Advice helped student Hassan understand his rights.

Most good films whatever their length have star quality if not actual stars. Ours has both – happy outcomes and convincing people:

  • We helped Chan and Hannah find a more suitable home for their growing family.
  • Agnesa, a young woman looking forward to the birth of her baby, got the support she needed.
  • An older man with limited means, Charlie was having problems with energy bills until he came to us.
  • And Hassan, working hard for his degree but worried about his rights.

Such stories personify the new Citizens Advice network strategy. Built on ‘venerable’ foundations, it wants every group in society to understand and value the service. The ‘target audiences’ are people who need help, those who want to help and all citizens (all because we want everyone, prospective client or volunteer or not, to see the value in supporting a CA charity in every community).

Watch We are the people’s champion.

Clients and volunteers in the film speak for real people of any age, ethnicity or social background. Diversity in its fullest and best sense. At the moment, younger people and people of colour are less aware of what we do than other groups.

In Epsom and Ewell for example our clients broadly match the population except in the youngest age range. So we’re pleased to see young mum-to-be Agnesa and student Hassan; in fact with the help of young volunteers, we’re already working to be better known among school and college students.


We also hope (and think) in just 60 seconds the film carries an authentic account of Citizens Advice values.

Our advisers are trained local volunteers. The advice they give is practical, independent and free of charge. Trust and confidentiality are central. Their sole focus is helping the client find their best way forward. Whoever they are, whatever their problem.

Citizens Advice is for everyone. Many of us benefit from one-to-one help, more from our trusted online information. Our research and campaigns mission exists to help government and business improve policy and practice that cause people problems.

In the closing frames it all adds up to ‘We are helping to build a fairer society for everyone’ and the inspiring flourish:

‘We are Citizens Advice. We are the people’s champion’.

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