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This winter everyone should be able to stay warm and eat properly


This winter Citizens Advice Epsom and Ewell is offering Energy Support Appointments to those in need. At CAEE we see only too well the challenges many people face with winter energy bills.
Yandi is Outreach Generalist Adviser Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell (2-minute read)

We think everyone should have access to the help they need to have a comfortable living environment.

To achieve this we’ve built up a range of support schemes to meet different energy-related problems:

  • Energy efficiency guidance. Practical tips for energy-saving and selecting efficient appliances
  • Financial relief. Help with applying to grants and benefits for easing energy-related financial pressures
  • Supplier assistance and negotiations. Support in communicating with energy providers and addressing billing concerns
  • Switching supplier guidance. Informed advice for maximising saving when switching energy providers
  • Government schemes and crisis support. Energy appointments cover issues such as obtaining Warm Home Discount, emergency credit or urgent energy-efficient supply. 

Contact us about a free energy advice appointment

Recent CAEE energy-saving appointments have been really helpful for clients with energy problems.

Risk of fuel poverty
Boiler reduce
Energy bill worries? Contact us for a free advice appointment.

Client #1 is living with her partner and two young children, facing financial challenges and at risk of fuel poverty.

We helped her address an overcharge issue with her energy supplier. After arranging for an engineer to collect accurate meter readings, we ensured her direct debit was adjusted.

During the appointment, we carried out a benefit check, revealing eligibility for child benefit. With our help she enrolled on her energy supplier’s Priority Services Register for access to essential support. We advised on using a smart meter to maximise savings and gave her a winter energy-saving tip sheet.

Supplier support

Client #2 is on low income and has 4 young children ages 0-12.

We helped him apply for his supplier’s customer support fund with the aim of clearing his energy debt. We arranged an emergency energy credit top-up ensuring temporary financial relief.

To address issues related to his household’s low efficiency rates, due to heavy draughts and frequent use of inefficient energy products, we supplied a heated airer, thermal curtains, and warmth packs containing winter essentials. 

Community power

Empowering the community to navigate complex energy issues is crucial if everyone is to have the resources they need. In our prosperous borough some residents will find it hard to pay their bills, stay warm and eat properly this winter.

We can help and so can you:

  • If a family member or someone you know is struggling to pay for energy
  • If they want to check they are getting the right benefits
  • If they could do with advice on how to use less energy safely
  • If they need emergency support.

Why not suggest they contact us for a free appointment? Looking out for each other matters all year but especially when the weather’s cold and the cost of heating high!

Contact us about a free energy advice appointment

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