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Black History Month. Maxine is inspired by a Surrey entrepreneur


“In reading about the Black History Month theme, I came across various articles about inspiring women. Thinking about ‘Saluting our Sisters’ I want to highlight the work of Lydia Amoah, an entrepreneur from Surrey.”

Maxine is an Adviceline Adviser and Assessor at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. (2-minute read)

Colleagues helping CAEE celebrate
BHM 2023. Number 2: Maxine

Lydia shared her inspiring story in the Metro paper last year. She’s someone that was unknown to me but I found her story rather heartwarming. Her work has focused on transforming workplaces for people of all backgrounds and highlighting underappreciated business potential.

Lydia explores Black, Asian and multi-ethnic consumer spending power in the UK. I had hardly heard of this. She originally set up the Black Pound Report with 2 purposes:

  • to tackle how businesses treat their customers, and
  • to explore the lack of representation in advertising of Black, Asian and Multi-Ethnic consumers.

The project has grown and stimulated interest in many consumer businesses of all kinds.


Lydia’s company also helps other companies become more inclusive. I think this is a conversation that needs practicality in this day and age.

What I find fascinating about Lydia’s work is that she is promoting awareness. She is putting a mark on how diversity is now imperative in the workplace.

Her work also highlights the importance of all communities seeing themselves as in some ways collectives. We can all achieve so much more irrespective of our background if given the freedom to be boundless!

CAEE says: Black History Month 2023 is a smorgasbord of opportunities, inspirations and events across the country until 31 October. Find out more. More about Lydia Amoah

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