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Learning to be tough and resilient – Samantha for Black History Month.

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In a short heartfelt blog our colleague Samantha writes of her mother’s contribution to her learning to be tough and resilient. A comment from CAEE Chair follows.
Samantha is Training and Development Manager at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. (3-minute read)

When I saw that the theme this year was about recognizing the contributions black women have made in our society I immediately thought of my mother. 

She came to the UK in the 1960s to take up a place at University.

When she was appointed to her first job as a civil servant, she was the only black person in her branch and throughout the department.

Role model and hero

Even though educated to a high standard she shared that she was often ignored, subjected to racial slurs and passed over for promotion despite her experience. Unfortunately she endured this for many years.

But it taught her to become tough and resilient.

It is this resilience that she has passed down to me enabling me to face life’s many challenges. I am so grateful to her for that. To that end she is my role model and hero!

CAEE Chair Yvette Ball

I’m very proud of Samantha and the part our colleagues are playing in Black History Month 2023. Citizens Advice has a long history of commitment to diversity in all its forms. In all our work with clients we promise to give independent and impartial help to anyone who asks, whoever they are, whatever their problem. Supporting BHM is a natural part of this mission.

“This year the choice of theme – Saluting Our Sisters – was apparently quite controversial. But knowing the needs of some of our clients and the many unresolved issues nationwide, we understand and support the theme. 

“Black women have played a central role in inspiring social change and building communities. Too often however their achievements have been overlooked or forgotten. BHM reminds us of the history but also that much remains to do to address the racism and sexism black women still face today.

Black History Month 2023 is opportunities, inspirations and events across the country until 31 October. Find out more.

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