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News and ideas about things that matter to our clients, volunteers and the community.

The rising cost of high rents (it’s not all financial)

The rising cost of high rents is damaging household finances but also health, security, family life and the economy. With the cost-of-living crisis stretching pockets, high rents going even higher can be the final straw. 02/10/23
Anna Tickle →   Read more

Why join our volunteer team? Jane’s new starter for 10!

Demand for independent advice is growing and we need to strengthen the CAEE volunteer team. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider joining us, in the community’s interest and your own.
Jane Sheils →   Read more

Citizens Advice means community, service, support.

“When I think of Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell three words spring to mind: community, service and support. I’m proud to support them during my year of office.” 28/09/23
Councillor Rob Geleit, Mayor of Epsom & Ewell. Read more

Understanding young people and the ‘cozzie livs’

For over a year the ‘cost of living crisis’ has dominated in all media. It became so familiar that younger people gave it a nickname, the ‘cozzie livs’. 12/09/23
Chloe May and Anna Tickle. Read more

Watchdog’s new duty for banks: ensure good outcomes for customers

Good outcomes for customers – that is now the Financial Conduct Authority’s aim in regulating banks and other service providers. People should expect to be treated well. 21/08/23
Chloe May and Anna Tickle. Read more

Thinking about volunteering? 10 questions you might want to ask

At CAEE we depend on dedicated people who care about their community. Their time, skills and experience are our strength. I hope my answers to these questions are helpful and encourage you to apply. 18/08/23
Jane Sheils Read more

Rail leaders should think again about shutting station ticket offices

Plans to close most ticket offices: it’s not hard to see why opposition has grown. 24/07/23
Research & Campaigns Team. Read more

What we learned on our work experience week at CAEE

The week at Citizens Advice gave me valuable skills to use in the workplace. 20/07/23  (2 mins)

Making sure all have online access

“The digital age offers so much in education, communication, entertainment, healthcare and more. But not everyone is included and without help their quality of life can really suffer.” 19/07/23  (3 mins)

‘Home Advantage’ makes clear case for investment in energy efficiency

Why government must commit to improving the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes. 11/07/23 (4 mins)

Improving life for housing association tenants – with decent floors

“Everyone should start life in their new home with decent floors. National and local campaigns for sensible improvements to social housing.”
Research & Campaigns Team 16/05/23 (4 mins)

My first 100 days as Chair – quite a rollercoaster!

I’d done my homework for the interview to be Chair of Citizens Advice Epsom and Ewell. Still, I surprised even myself at how little I knew and how much there was to learn. It’s been quite a rollercoaster! 3/05/23 (3 mins)

Cost of living campaigning at Westminster

National and Local Citizens Advice colleagues last week took their charities’ cost of living campaigning to parliament. Financial distress has grown across the country along with a frightening rise in prices. 28/03/23 (3 mins)

International Women’s Day 2023: a powerful global event.

“An occasion to highlight achievements and aims that matter to everyone. We’re pleased to support a global event whose ideals the women and men who run our charity are proud to share.”
Lisa Davis 10/03/23 →   read more … (3 mins)

Looking back: client experiences in 2022 (2)

Nobel literature prizewinner Bob Dylan can certainly write a feeling. A few words in a famous poem pop song* catch perfectly the kind of stress in many client experiences: When the wind is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case….
Research and Campaigns Team 27/02/23 →   read more … (3 mins)

Looking back: client experiences in 2022 (1)

William Shakespeare wasn’t wrong: When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. Looking back at client experiences in 2022 we can confirm sorrows often DO arrive in numbers.
Research and Campaigns Team 22.02.23 →  read more … (3 mins)

Freeze on Local Housing Allowance risks private rent debt crisis

Next month’s Budget should reset Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to take account of rising private rents. Continuing the freeze risks causing a private rental debt crisis.”
Research & Campaigns Team 19/02/23 →   read more .. (3 mins)

The ‘other’ social value of Citizens Advice: as a trusted reporter.

As a trusted reporter, Citizens Advice helps the public, government and business understand the causes of social problems and what to do about them.
Lisa Davis 10/02.23 →   read more … (4 mins)

Our free, open-to-all service depends on local people and local funding

“CAEE has been an independent local charity since 1939. Nothing we do would be possible without local people or local funding.” – read more… 
Louise Curd 14/12/22 (3 mins)

Clients can be totally confident we will never judge them

“The aim of all our client contacts is to help the person move forward with confidence. Mutual trust is essential.”→ read more ..
Karen Baird 08/12/22

Households need crisis support in face of ‘desperate choices’

New local and national research reveals problems facing low-income and indebted households wherever they are. → read more … Research Team 05/12/22

Cost of living problems: why truly independent advice is so important

“Our clients often feel the world is against them. They need to know our core values are independence and impartiality, our sole aim to help them find a way forward.” → read more … Lisa Davis 01/12/22

Citizens Advice is calling on government to protect most vulnerable

We’re building up our service here and helping the CA campaign to protect the vulnerable everywhere.→   read more ...Research Team 28/10/22

What Black History Month means to me

“This year’s Black History Month theme is ‘Time for Change: Action Not Words’, an area I feel passionately about.” →   read more … Lisa Davis 25/10/22

Meet Tom. With our support he’s changing his life for the better

“When he first came to us he had spiralling rent, water and council tax debt. Appointments had always been challenging.”→   read more …Marian Anghileri 17/08/22

The Times for energy efficiency: if not now, when?

“With government and candidates for PM under pressure to do something, two newspaper columns about energy and economics strike a chord.” →   read more … Research Team 11/08/22

Urgent need for legal volunteers to improve access to justice

Our publicity and fundraising manager explains the role of local pro-bono lawyers.→   read more … Louise Curd 29/06/22

Cost of living is cause of significant extra anxiety

“Clients are often great money managers – always on the lookout for bargains.”→   read more … Marian Anghileri 23/06/22

Ukraine, a warm welcome in Epsom

Heartening account of one family’s kindness to people displaced by war.→   read more … Two Residents 14/06/22

Our service changed but the important things remain

A dedicated volunteer reflects on her long service at Citizens Advice.→   read more … Maureen Northmore 07/06/22

Jury service changed my thinking

Our Debt and Outreach Adviser reflects on her experience of an essential citizen responsibility.→   read more … – Ruma Parvin 07/06/22

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