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Ten ways to save money

Advice Column October 2022

With the cost of everyday essentials still rising, Citizens Advice has pulled together a checklist of money-saving ideas. Read our quick reminder of tips about energy, food, phone, tax, insurance and benefits.

1 Plan your meals.

Making a list of what you need to buy means you buy less food you might waste. Look out for apps such as TooGoodToGo, Olio and Motatos for food at reduced prices or even free. Check out the reduced items in your supermarket. Locally you could join the Epsom Pantry and get access to food at much reduced prices.

2 Washing machine and dishwasher

Fill them up before switching on – using them less each week will cut your electricity bill. Use ECO programmes which need less water – helpful if you are on a water meter. (PS. If you can, try to limit the time your tumble drier is in use – it’s not cheap!)

3 Turn down the thermostat

Will make quite difference to your bill. And choose energy efficient light bulbs.

4 Paperless energy bills

Not everyone can pay for energy online but if you can you may be able to get cheaper plans as well as monitor and manage your account.

5 Check your tax situation

Are you on the right code? Find out with the Money Saving Expert

Check out our new page for local support and most popular online help.
Help with the cost of living. September 2022.

6 Check your benefits

Are you getting all the benefits you’re entitled to at work? Ask your employer. Are you claiming all the social benefits you are entitled to at home? Ask us at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell.

7 Check your insurance policies

Don’t automatically renew. If you are using your car less, check your policy is right for you. Look out for better deals at websites like Compare the Market or Money Supermarket.

8 Your mobile phone

When your contract is up, keep your phone and go Sim-only. This is a much cheaper option than automatically upgrading.

9 Money-saving tips.

Sign up to get the latest tips from sites like Money Saving Expert.

10 Track your spending

Apps such as Money Dashboard, a free budgeting tool, will help you keep track. Use cash or open a new bank account where you transfer a set amount of money each week or month so you can control your spending more easily.

Don’t struggle alone. We’re here to help. Contact Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell by phone 0808 2787963 (10am-4pm Mon-Fri or leave a message). Other ways to get in touch.

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