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Rental Health – a bold look at the UK’s dire housing problems (1/2)

A bold and serious housing project led BBC Radio 4 and Five Live schedules for a week in March. The purpose of Rental Health* was to investigate the state of the UK rental market.

To describe that state as ‘troubled’ would be inadequate. The producers used documentaries, phone-ins, landlords and tenants stories and visits at home and abroad in search of solutions. More: Rental Health 2/2

housing tenure
In 2022 we helped more clients with private renting than other housing tenures.

Wherever they looked all market participants were under pressure. Big city, seaside town, rural area (and we can confirm prosperous SE boroughs) it was the same story:

  • Tenants can’t find suitable accommodation at an affordable price (often any price) and live with huge insecurity
  • Private landlords, often seen as ‘market villains’, but genuinely finding it tough and withdrawing property
  • Social landlords with impossibly long waiting lists, including families at risk of homelessness
  • Planning authorities facing frequently irreconcilable land use demands.

It’s bleak picture but there were chinks of light.

A tenant was mightily relieved to land the right property. Praise for good landlords was obviously well-deserved and not uncommon. Above all lots from participants and commentators about how to make the rental market work better.

As part of our 2023-24 housing campaign for clients we monitored some of the Rental Health output: Comment – Rental Health 2/2. In the coming months we will draw on the ideas raised.

* Rental Health – An in-depth look at rental housing in the UK. All available programmes here.

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