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Our local campaigns for clients in 2023-24

Our campaigns try to help increase awareness of problems facing local people.
Research and campaigns

Today, as the 2023-34 business year begins, we’re launching a new programme of local campaigns for clients.

Every contact our trained advisers make with a client gives us more insight into problems facing local people. This means they can spot policies and practice that are causing the problems.

Advisers’ careful records are a unique database. Research and campaigns colleagues use it to see where things are going wrong. They link findings to what government and business are doing (or not doing!) and make the case for change.

At every point they take the greatest care to protect client confidentiality.

Through our campaigns we hope:

  • to help local people be more aware of common problems facing their neighbours, and
  • to help local officials and organisations to see how they might help by changing policy or practice or in other ways.
Campaign issues

Cost of Living
Inflation may have peaked but prices remain high and a steep fall in living standards is forecast. Low- and some middle-income households are feeling the greatest impact.  Latest posts

Digital Exclusion
People who can’t easily use the internet for household tasks face many problems. Latest posts

Many, perhaps most, of the biggest social problems are caused or made worse by barely affordable, insecure or poor quality housing.  Latest posts

Health and disability
In a normal year up to half of our clients are living with a long-term health condition or disability. We campaign for more equal opportunities and fairer treatment.  Latest posts

All our campaigns benefit from cooperation with local organisations, Surrey Local Citizens Advice or the national Citizens Advice network.

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