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It’s National Numeracy Day!

Today, 18 May 2022 is National Numeracy Day. The idea is to get people talking about numbers.

Why is that important? According to the organisers, National Numeracy, the UK has a problem with basic numbers. Half of working-age adults are thought to have only skills expected of 11-year-olds.

A lot of the blame falls on ‘maths anxiety’ and negative attitudes to numbers. We don’t like it, apparently, so we don’t talk about it. Yet for many the life consequences of poor skills can be serious. Whether managing money, dealing with an employer, negotiating a sale or understanding the economy, a weak grasp of numbers is a big disadvantage.

So we’re delighted to support a big national conversation. Or even a Big Number Natter 🙂

In fact national numeracy links directly to our 2022 campaigns at Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell. Being able to budget is essential with a rising Cost of Living. We’re planning a Financial Literacy project with local schools. And Scams Awareness needs confidence with numbers.  More about our campaigns. 

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