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Great British Rail Sale. Online skills required?

From today 1 million rail tickets will be for sale with up to 50% price reductions. The Great British Rail Sale, a government and rail industry initiative, offers cut-price, off-peak travel between April 25 and 27 May.

With just about everything else going up, this is good news for leisure and flexi-time travellers. There have already been criticisms however. Last month saw the biggest rise in regulated fares for 9 years – small incentive for drivers to choose a more sustainable way, even to escape soaring petrol prices.

Rather than criticism today, we have a question.

Here is how the GBRS will work in practice: Tickets can be purchased online from participating retailers with the up to half-price rate applying to a huge range of off-peak tickets spreading the length and breadth of the country.

Does this mean people without digital skills or access to the internet won’t be able to take advantage of the offers?

Our Digital Exclusion Campaign 2022.
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