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Digital exclusion makes a wide range of problems worse

Finding computers and digital communication hard work is a problem in itself. When the whole world seems to live online, it’s easy to feel left-behind.

What’s worse is if you find essential tasks hard because firms or officialdom expect everyone to have online skills.

Everyday at Citizens Advice we see people facing this sort of problem.

Often we can lend a hand and help get the job done. But we’re also building a picture of local digital exclusion: the people involved, the problems they face and the organisations that ought to improve things.

In the coming weeks we’ll post stories showing the wide range of problems.

Our early conclusions are that they show:

  • all these clients find hard what most other people find fairly easy
  • many have a long-term health condition or disability
  • most have a phone and an email address, but at the same time…
  • have no confidence they can use internet successfully.


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