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Campaign reflections and looking forward to 2024-25

Campaign reflections and getting ready for a busy year.

Campaigns 2023-24

In recent weeks we posted about each of our 2023-24 campaigns with plans coming together for the new campaign year 2024-25. Here’s a summary.


Housing costs rising inexorably will likely depress living standards for millions in 2024 and beyond. Rents and mortgages in combination with permanently dearer essentials (despite falling inflation) will cause a ‘pincer movement for the foreseeable future’.
Housing costs to cause ‘pincer movement for foreseeable future

Cost of Living

Every family has a different cost of living and a different rate of inflation. Yet our work with clients shows inflation hits the worst-off hardest. UK-wide research by official statisticians, poverty campaigners and independent think tanks is conclusive on the point.
Every family is different but essentials inflation hits worst-off hardest

Digital Exclusion

Online access is now all but essential. Everyday tasks are harder without digital skills or devices. So is playing a full part in society. As society races onto the internet problems are likely to multiply.
Online access: vulnerable excluded at risk of second class citizenship

Health & Disability

Our campaign on behalf of people living with chronic ill health or disability began with a post about the extra costs of health problems. Resolution Foundation captured the issue perfectly as often: “People with disabilities are more vulnerable to the rising costs of essentials because energy and food make up a greater share of their budgets”.
Costly differences: living standards for working-age people with disabilities.

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