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Financial literacy: helping students feel more confident with money

Financial literacy means knowing how money works and being able to use it confidently. It’s something everyone should have but quite large numbers lack, even in prosperous areas.

In the digital age financial services are evolving rapidly. They offer many opportunities to improve lives but also to make bad choices or fall victim to fraud. The answer is to help everyone, particularly young people, gain the understanding they need to benefit.


As no less a source of business and market commentary than the Financial Times says: Financial resilience can be boosted enormously by understanding how money works in everyday life*.

At CAEE we’re proud to offer a bespoke financial literacy project to secondary schools in Epsom & Ewell.

This month saw the conclusion of the latest CAEE FLP at Epsom and Ewell High School. Our team helped lead the course for Year 12 students over recent months. Two members of class spoke about the value of the course at a closing assembly. 

All students receive a certificate and contact card as a reminder of how to contact CAEE or another Local Citizens Advice in future. As people move into first jobs, start college or look for somewhere to live, this could be really useful.

We are grateful to Surrey County Council for funding the project through Councillors Steve McCormick (who also attended the assembly) and Bernie Muir. 

Into 2024-25

This term over 100 Blenheim High School sixth formers are taking the course. It’s the first year of the new Blenheim project and generously funded by Town & Country Housing Association (Rosebery). 

Meanwhile we’re delighted that SCC has confirmed it will continue to fund projects at EEHS and Blenheim for the 2024/25 academic year.

** FT Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign (FLIC)
Financial resilience can be boosted enormously by understanding how money works in everyday life. Financial literacy education gives young people the foundations for future prosperity — and can help economically disadvantaged people out of deprivation. The FT invites readers to join the FT FLIC campaign to promote financial literacy in the UK and around the world

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