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‘No one should have to face a problem alone’. Our new short film.

We’re hoping our new series of blogs, Who Knew?, will help people learn more about who we are and how we work. At this time everyone should know there’s somewhere they can get help, whoever they are, whatever their problem.

We’re now proud to add a brilliant short film produced by colleagues at Citizens Advice network – Citizens Advice Short (60 sec) Full (105)

They want to tell the Citizens Advice story by:

  • Bringing to life who we are, what we do and the ways we can help
  • Raising awareness of our charity status
  • Helping people connect with our cause to win hearts and minds and gain support.

In our humble opinion they’ve done a great job. We would say that, but have a look yourself and let us know what you think…. Citizens Advice Short (60 seconds) Full length (105 seconds)

‘Even the everyday can become overwhelming’. Our new film shows how we’re here for everyone.

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