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Inflation at 9.1% is bad news if you’re on a low income.

One of our main jobs at Citizens Advice is to help people get the support they need when things get difficult. Now is definitely one of those times as the BBC tweet shows.

Everyone’s situation is different. And there are many different kinds of support. You can look at our online advice for help with benefits, debt and energy bills and find out what’s available. Summary at the end of this post.

There’s a lot of information which can make things confusing. That’s why it may be better to talk to us in person or use the phone, email or chat box. Find out more here.

Our advisers are helping many people with support that’s very important at the moment. Including:

  • energy council tax rebate
  • grants to pay energy debts
  • eligibility for benefits
  • checking if you’re being paid properly
  • local council or charity support
  • help with school costs
  • food banks.

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