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House of Lords Fraud Act Review

Online and digital fraud is harming
young and older people.

Today’s news of criminals playing on people’s concern about Ukraine adds urgency to the work of a committee* currently at work in the House of Lords.

Members are taking evidence on existing fraud legislation and whether it’s up to the job of tackling ‘the most commonly experienced crime in England and Wales’.

The committee is looking at all aspects of the Fraud Act. But their Lordships are specially interested in how the Act is working against fraud committed online or through digital means.

TV personality and campaigner Joe Lycett gave evidence last week. In inimitable style he amused but also moved the committee. He said:

The impact of these things is endless and very hard to measure, but it absolutely ruins people’s lives, to the point where people have lost their lives because of the depression and shame that come with being scammed in these ways.”

As part of our scams awareness campaign Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell will check in regularly on this important review. During Scams Awareness Fortnight in June we’re planning a local awareness campaign in partnership with national Citizens Advice and Trading Standards Surrey.

Latest from scams awareness campaign here.
* Find out more about the House of Lords Committee and its call for evidence here.

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