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Blank Space makes living standards election more Eras Tour election 🎡

Blank Space where there should be debate means the Living Standards Election sounding more like an Eras Tour Election. Research & Campaigns Team (2 minutes)

At Citizens Advice we really want candidates and parties to address the human impact of squeezed incomes and high inflation. Yet many Swifties will quickly see what’s happening:

Blank Space
Great songs can mean different things to different people. 🎡🎡
  • So much airtime on the β€˜big’ issues, we now know All Too Well about the economy, immigration, public finances, etc…..
  • Tax-and-Spend at billion-pound level dominating everything. If only they could Shake It Off and widen the debate.
  • Don’t they see a Cruel Summer for families in a negative budget, still facing β€˜heat or eat’ choices?
  • By New Year’s Day whoever forms the next government could be saying to us (or us to them) Look What You Made Me Do.
Living with a negative budget

Different causes lie behind the difficulties facing many people Citizens Advice helps. Very often though their problem is simply lack of money for day-to-day expenses.

Income from social security benefits has fallen behind inflation (and even further behind the real cost of living). Work doesn’t pay for many people who also have to claim universal credit. Energy costs have impacted households (and are still 40% above pre-crisis levels). Private rents have risen faster than earnings for years; and interest rate rises have dragged low-income mortgage holders into debt.

Read more including our priorities for the next government. Policymakers, You’ve gotta Blank Space, baby… we’ll write your name (sorry Taylor). 🎡🎡

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