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5 things you can do to be smarter with money

Being smarter with money makes obvious sense at the moment. To help people improve (or begin!) our national Citizens Advice colleague Dominic has written a blog with 5 simple things to do (or do better!).

We like it a lot. Here’s a summary:

  1. Make a budget
    First and most important of all. How to stay in control (or take back control).
  2. Set aside some cash
    Whatever you can, whenever you can, will help build up an emergency fund.
  3. Have a regular ‘Money Day’
    Once a month? Twice a month? Check the budget. Plan ahead.
  4. Be smart with credit and borrowing
    It’s smart to spread costs and build a credit history. And smart not to overspend and build up debts.
  5. Get help if you need it
    Don’t wait to ask for help with money problems. Citizens Advice and others provide expert independent support. Contact CAEE here.

Everyone is hoping the cost of living will soon get a bit easier. For now read Dominic’s blog in full – 7 minutes but worth every one.

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