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Volunteers Week: a time to say thanks!

Volunteers’ Week 2022 is a celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

Could YOU be a Citizens Advice
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Day-in-day-out here in Epsom & Ewell volunteers go above and beyond to support individuals and families in need. At times of extraordinary risk such as a pandemic volunteers show the strength of our community.

So Volunteers’ Week truly is A time to say thanks!

And truly in this of all years. As the cost of living rises, we expect life to become more difficult for more of our neighbours.

Citizens Advice is at the heart of a network of local services and charities whose vision is a strong community. They, and we, and all our clients benefit from the dedicated work of volunteers. In just the past few months we have met and shared ideas with:

In the coming days we shall enjoy celebrating and thanking our volunteers. Remarkable people who donate time and expertise to help their neighbours and community. Could you join them? Find out more

Volunteers Week 2022

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