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Our Financial Literacy Project

Why it’s so important

We’re raising funds now for an ambitious new Financial Literacy project for local young people. It aims to provide learning about money and all its ways in secondary schools later this year.

We’re delighted Aviva Community Fund is supporting the project. They’re encouraging staff to donate to a cause with a natural link to their business: using money wisely.

Last year, the charity Pro Bono Economics published research* showing why projects like ours are so important. Their subject was numeracy but there’s natural link to the project (and our business!)

Pro Bono estimates the cost of poor numeracy to the UK is at least £25bn in lost wages. And it also:

  • hits progression at work
  • increases debt and money problems
  • hampers supporting children at school
  • widens regional disparity
  • damages labour market productivity
  • increases inequality and poor health outcomes.

* Counting on the recovery: the role for numeracy skills in ‘levelling up’ the UK, April 2021

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