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More scam victims are young

We all know, don’t we, that younger people are savvy about the internet?

Seems that’s not the whole story however. Recent research* has shown 16 to 34s more likely to fall victim to text and call-based scams than over-55s. In fact, they account for more than half of all scams.

Whatever your age it pays to be suspicious about anything you weren’t expecting. Examples are messages that you owe money for a parcel from a delivery firm, or you’re due a Council Tax refund.

Unfortunately, younger citizens aren’t always careful about tell-tale signs.

One study shows 23% unlikely to check messages for spelling or grammar, 29% to consider the persuasiveness of the language. Another quotes impersonation frauds on Instagram up 155% in a year.

Keeping on at people about constant vigilance is important. Higher-age charities and anti-fraud groups do this well. For younger people online mag Dazed** shows the way with an item headlining youthful susceptibility.

Citizens Advice services can be as valuable to the young as to older family members. We’re offering help directly through our Financial Literacy Project and in partnership with the Epsom Hub. Both of course feature watching out for scams.

* Younger people more susceptible to being scammed, Local Government Association, 25/06/21.
Social media scams: Instagram sees impersonation fraud grow 155% in a year, This is Money, 12/04/22
** New Studies Suggest Young People Are Twice as Susceptible to Scams, Dazed, 28/04/22
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