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Digital exclusion campaign

Why we’re asking government and business to improve digital policy and practice.

Covid-19 and lockdown has changed many things. One is that computer literacy – being able to use digital communication effectively – has become even more important in everyday life.

Many people could adapt and get on with their lives.

For others, lockdown meant normal tasks such as making appointments or buying stuff became a lot more difficult. Without digital skills or smart devices, single people risked isolation and loneliness; families knew their children’s development was being harmed.

Throughout, our advisers carried on helping people. Here are some of the most common problems they met:

  • applying for housing when threatened by homelessness
  • council tax deductions for low income
  • managing a claim for universal credit
  • providing proof of ID
  • keeping track of essential household bills or getting a good deal
  • withdrawal of written contact option in many services
  • access to health and related services such as blue badge parking.

These problems are putting many of our clients at a disadvantage. When organisations and official bodies see the difficulty, we hope they’ll want to act. Our campaign based on local and national evidence will challenge them to improve.

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