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Check if something is an energy scam

Energy scams have risen for obvious reasons (clue: £££). Criminals have different ways of getting hold of personal information or bank details.

For example, they may pretend to:

  • be a supplier offering a refund
  • be from the energy regulator Ofgem asking for information so you can get the energy rebate
  • be a debt collector asking for money owed to a supplier that’s gone bust
  • offer green home improvement grants
  • offer energy investment opportunities
  • offer cheap prepayment meter top-up keys or cards
  • offer energy-saving devices
don't be rushed scam

Check if something is a scam.

You can also contact our scams advisers if you:

  • think you might have found an online scam
  • need advice about scams
  • want to report an online scam

Talk to a scams adviser.

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